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  • ALL in ONE Camera Strap | Genuine Leather Camera Harness

    €149,00 €133,89

    Dual Camera Strap, Camera Strap Cover Moselle Brest, Ajustable Strap, Custom Camera Strap    Considered 'The most comfortable Camera Strap used so far' by all photographers trying it, ALL in ONE multi-camera harness was designed from a desire to solve as many problems as possible with managing your cameras. Made of real, natural leather, this is by far one of th ...

  • Single Camera Strap | Leather Camera Strap, One body Camera Strap

    €129,89 €85,89

    Single Camera Strap | Leather Strap Moselle Brest, Custom Strap, Ajustable Camera Strap   Managing your cameras and photography equipment can be an overwhelming job during tiring events. Let us introduce you NEW Single Camera Strap: designed option for one camera or accessory, handmade using the same high quality leather and provided with a shoulder pad for extra ...

  • X Edition Camera Strap | Genuine Leather Camera Harness

    €129,00 €115,00

    Camera Strap Model X Moselle Brest, Dual Strap Camera, Ajustable Camera Strap, Leather Strap    X Edition Camera Strap is a must have in every photographer’s equipment. Designed to keep your gear safe and your body comfortable, this leather harness allow you to shoot in any situation or scenario knowing that your cameras will be there when you need it. All our ca ...