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Single Camera Strap | Leather Camera Strap | Single Body Camera Strap

Managing your cameras and photography equipment can be an overwhelming job during tiring events. Let us introduce you NEW Single Camera Strap: designed option for one camera or accessory, handmade using the same high quality leather and provided with a shoulder pad for extra comfort.

☑️  STABLE and SAFE – new harness is provided with a small belt going under your arm which aim is to keep the strap fix to your body while shooting. 

☑️ INCREASED COMFORT – this camera accessory comes with a special shoulder pad which makes heavy gear and equipment feel at ease on your body 

☑️ PROTECTION – right near the main clasp you will find a special hook designed to  protect against collisions and balance. Using it you can fix the strap, together with the camera, to your body and it will not swing anymore during movement

☑️ Quick release - the accessories we use are best quality options, treated materials against rust and scratches. The main clasp is a modified version of what is used to attach a sail to a boat, incredibly durable but fast to attach/detach. Exactly what you need for a prefect gear: very fast but extremely secured

☑️ LIFETIME WARRANY- as you are already used, we offer lifetime warranty for this strap, as proof that our products are best quality option and have a special incredient: passion included in handmade craft

Select Right or Left Hand depending of where you want the camera to sit- on right or left side.

Make your work easier TODAY and never forget: ‘The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll fell when you archive it!’


Improper grip of the camera, which can lead to damage, is the sole fault of the buyer, who is directly responsible for his actions. In this case, the seller is exempt from any liability, of any kind.

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